We collect data from all the music charts worldwide! 

  • Click “Charts Monitoring” for global and country-by-country music chart listings 
  • Click or search for the country that you would like chart listings for
  • At the 1st drop-down, select “album” or “songs” for the type of chart listing
  • At the 2nd drop-down, select the source of the chart listing (iTunes, Spotify,       etc..)
  • At the 3rd drop-down, select the chart
  • Click the red “subscribe” button at the top for email updates on your selected chart listing 
  • Use the filter to search for an artist, song, or record label
  • Click on a row to see more data
  • Click “follow” from the drop-down to add the artist to your dashboard
  • Click and drag your mouse over the line graph to zoom in and view the latest changes in an artists’ chart rankings 
  • At the drop-down click “Social”, “Charts”, “Playlists”, or “Airplay” for more data on that artist

Soundcharts Definitions

Trophy - Peak point reached on the charts
- Release date
- Record Label

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